Fly Tipping Proposal

Arrangements for the disposing of large household items

We have been experiencing an increasing problem with fly-tipping on the estate, which now begs for a proactive course of action in order to maintain the Estates profile and general upkeep.

One of the measures we are proposing to undertake in order to curb this is to have two designated bulky collection points on Angell Town Estate which will be monitored by CCTV cameras.

The proposed disposal/collection points are:

  1. Peckford Place
  2. Underpass in between Torrey Drive and Fir Grove

The two areas will be gated and locked and residents wanting to dispose of bulky items will need to contact Angell Town housing office to arrange for the gates at one of the collection points to be opened and for the bulky item(s) to be placed therein.

Bulky items will include but are not exclusive to: Beds, mattresses, fridges, cookers, pieces of wood, and so on.

We are proposing a set das and times when the items can collected and or taken into the bulky removal areas on the estate.

The removal of Fly-tipping items is very expensive, unsightly and unpleasant and just not what you want to see when leaving your home first thing in the morning. Therefore we are striving to minimise this and to bring about an aesthetically pleasing environment as possible.

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