Resident Engagement

Our aim is to Involve people • Pioneer diversity • Improve lives • Challenge barriers.

We would like residents to get involved with anything from your Air Vents to your Zeal for binging about positive change in the estate.

Whether you would like to introduce a new project or be a part of an existing projects we would like you to get on involved now.

Some of the existing areas you can get involved in, include:

Estate Inspections

We welcome any Angell Town RMO resident to come and join a board member and staff to carry out estate inspections.

The estate inspections will include looking at:

  • Estate Cleaning externally and internally
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • General upkeep at the front part of houses
  • Estate Lighting
  • Condition of Paving and Roads
  • Parks and Play Equipment
  • Communal Areas
  • Bulky Rubbish Levels

Angell Town RMO Sub-Committees

Angell Town RMO prides itself on being fully transparent with the residents. If you would like to attend a sub-committee meeting that monitors the services we provide please contact us for further details

Resident Forum Meetings

We aim to hold quarterly meetings to discuss all your concerns.

Block Meetings

We aim to visit you as well as invite you to block meetings to target those issues relating to a specific block of flats or houses. By doing this we will be in a better position to deal with common complaints more effectively.

We would like to get representatives from each of the blocks listed below if you are interested in getting involved with this you can contact usfor further details.

Property Address Post Code(s) No. of Properties
Boatemah Walk SW9 7BB 14
Crowhurst Close SW9 7JX 29
Fairfax House SW9 7JR 31
Ferry Mews SW9 7QL 19
Fiveways Road SW9 7LY 21
Holles House SW9 7JN 40
Ireton House SW9 7HF 15
Langport House SW9 7HN 34
Leys Court SW9 7RA/7RB 62
Marcella Road SW9 7QQ 23
Marston House SW9 7HA 11
Newbury House SW9 7HJ 30
Overton Road SW9 7QN 22
Peckford Place SW9 7BP 56
Serenaders SW9 7QP 6
Warwick House SW9 7JP 29
Wiltshire Road SW9 7NE 2


Getting involved with carrying out surveys on the various services being provided such as:

  • Customer Services
  • Repairs
  • Estate Cleaning
  • Grounds Maintenance

Quarterly Newsletter

Don’t feel left out have your say in the Angell Town RMO quarterly Newsletter Let us know in advance and we will publish an article for you.

NB Terms & Conditions apply.

Updating Our Website

Your suggestions about improvements or inclusions to be made on the website are welcomed Please contact Ernold Ramsay on 0207926 8832.