Estate Cleaning

Our cleaners perform internal and external cleaning within Angell Town estate. Internal cleaning takes place within the communal areas of the blocks and this include stairways, landings and internal entry doors. External cleaning includes the pavements, roads, the Little Angells and Fairfax parks and the green areas.

Bulky Rubbish

There continues to be an unusual amount of mattresses being dumped every month around the estate. It is very probable that this is being done by someone that does not live on the estate. We would ask that if you see anyone doing this that you report this immediately giving as much detail as you can stating the time and day.

This not only looks unsightly, it also poses health and safety risk and results in an increase in rent and service charges.

We take fly tipping very seriously and anyone found to be doing this will be penalised.

How are we doing?

Please contact the Housing officer to tell us how we are doing.

Internal Notice Boards

If you are living in one the blocks we currently manage you will have noticed our internal notice boards.  Our Cleaners’ check list is put on display in the notice board.  This is used as part of our quality control process and should be filled out by each of the cleaners in acknowledgement of the cleaning tasks performed within the blocks.