Housing Services

Paying Your Rent

1. Direct Debit (this is the preferred method and it is best to arrange for payment to be made when your income comes into your account)
2. Standing Oder (similarly you can arrange for payment to be made on the day of the month when your income comes into your account)
3. In person at Olive Morris House.
‘Tenants and Leaseholders can pay their rent by Debit or Credit Card at Angell Town RMO housing office or over the phone
We use the CAPITA Paye.net system to transact this process.
NB: There is no charge whether paying with Debit or Credit card.
4. By credit/debit card payment 24hour service using Lambeth Councils link Click here
5. Alternatively visit Lambeth Pay your rent and service charges on Lambeth Councils Website Click here

Our Services

Angell Town RMO are responsible for:

• Managing responsive repairs and maintenance;
• Providing a caretaking and cleaning service through directly employed staff;
• Managing gas servicing of Council supplied individual heating systems and appliances through the Council’s contractor;
• Pest control as necessary:
• Maintenance of door entry and CCTV systems:
• Maintaining the grassed areas, and shrubs.
• Managing and preparing void properties for re letting
• Identifying the need for major works and lobbying the Council to programme these works;
• Administration of rent collection into the Council’s bank account;
• Managing rent arrears including taking legal action as and when necessary;
• Managing service charge arrears and referring on for legal action;
• Dealing with tenancy management issues including investigation into complaints of anti-social behaviour, unlawful occupancies, breach of tenancy or lease agreement, residents disputes, and taking legal action as and when appropriate;
• Accompanying prospective applicants under the Council’s Choice Based Letting scheme on viewings of vacant properties;
• Providing an initial meeting with the RMO housing staff for all new tenants regarding tenancy rights and responsibilities and RMO membership and participation.

The Council through Lambeth Living retains responsibility for:

• Maintaining the structure the buildings;
• Out of hours emergency service;
• Removal of asbestos;
• Maintaining communal heating and hot water system;
• Collection of rent and service charges;
• Programming, commissioning and undertaking major works;
• Refuse collection;
• Tree maintenance;
• Leaseholder’s service charge billing, collection.